French Press, Aero Press, American Press: interesting ways to brew coffee

French Press, Aero Press, American Press: interesting ways to brew coffee

The smoky coffee-making kettles have sunk into the past, replaced by light, convenient devices in a large glass form. There is no more need to cook ground grains when you can pour boiling water over them and in 2-3 minutes a fragrant drink will be ready. Devices help early risers when they need to wake up early and run to work. Today, a coffee lover has one of these devices in his arsenal. Each name - French Press, Aero Press, American Press means something, has its origin own history and methods of use. They seem to be the same in appearance, but how do they differ? It is worth understanding this.

French Press coffee brewing method

Europeans are big coffee lovers and connoisseurs. Previously, they boiled it in tall narrow teapots, then they invented a strainer for draining the thick convenience. French Press was soon invented. Today almost every family has such a device. It is easy to make a hot drink in it, but it turns out no worse than boiled in a turk. The device advantage is that you can brew coffee for a whole company. The vessel and the equipment shape have not changed since 1927. The coffee pot consists of glass, auxiliary structures made of metal, plastic or ceramics.

Interesting fact: Africans, Australians, Zelenders call this device a coffee plunger. For the British, for the French, it is a coffee machine, for the Americans, a coffee press. The French Press invention is disputed between the Italians and the French.

There is a parable: after a walk, a Frenchman in the 19th century wanted to quench his thirst with a cup of coffee. The man put a water kettle on the fire and poured in a ground grains handful. The fire was so strong that the thicket floated up like a cap. The drink lover did not want to wait and began to look for a way to precipitate the scale down. A various utensils' seller was walking by the house, he smelled the coffee aroma and offered the Frenchman a fashionable device - a strainer. The owner did not know what to do with it and pushed the thick into the coffee pot bottom with a metal filter. This was the first step towards the French press invention.

So haste has helped humanity save time and quickly prepare the most aromatic drink in the world. The coffee infusion in the flask turns out to be thick, with a rich taste. For welding, you should purchase raw materials of coarse or medium grinding. Grain strong roasting reveals fruity notes in the drink, bitterness is felt in moderation. The coffee is perfect for a morning breakfast with a fresh vanilla bun. For espresso lovers, a French press will not be useful, as the taste is very concentrated.

How to brew a drink

Pour ground coffee beans into a container, pour boiling water into half the flask. Move the piston to the middle, add boiling water in a minute (to the top). Wait 3 minutes and lower the plunger to the bottom. The drink is ready, you can taste it, enjoy the taste.

Fast and delicious Aero Press Coffee

An inquisitive mind knows no barriers, inspired by an idea, it sometimes gives out amazing creations. It is natural for a person to constantly look for ways to improve everyday life, making it easier for himself to exist. From the creator, hands come original designs that help to fully experience life' small charms. In the speed age, people who appreciate every minute of their time will like the newfangled gadget for brewing coffee.

How the device appeared

Aero Press invention belongs to the US resident Alan Adler. Like all genius things, it appeared by chance, as experiments result based on his observations. The inventor was an aromatic drink devoted fan, so he wanted to improve the brewing coffee method. The man decided to use the air pressure force. He decided to show his research result to his friend, the reaction was stormy with admiration! Every year in the states there is a championship in "aero pressing", the country receives baristas from the world different parts. The drink prepared in this way turns out to be strong - with a mild taste and spicy aroma. It is very easy to make yourself a cup of invigorating coffee, the process will take only 2-3 minutes. It is recommended to purchase medium-ground grain.

For your information: the compact aero press is convenient to take with you to work or travel. By changing the components' proportions, you can prepare drinks with different tastes and concentrations. The device is inexpensive, easy to clean, just remove the plunger.

Coffee from the American Press

The newly introduced beverage preparation device quickly found acceptance among users. The innovation hit stores in 2016 by an American coffee lover from Chicago. The brewing method consists of the piston manual pressure with drink strength simultaneous filtration and adjustment. The device looks like a large transparent glass made of durable thermal glass, a lid and an internal piston made of stainless steel. Thick walls retain heat well and withstand strong impacts. In functionality terms, the gadget resembles Aeropress. However, there is a difference: the O-ring does not allow water and coffee grounds mixing. The infusion turns out to be clean, without a cloudy suspension, with a pleasant light bitterness and a bright aftertaste!

Brewing method

Take 25 grams of medium ground coffee, pour it into a pressed glass. Then pour boiling water and gently lower the plunger, pressing the thick to the bottom. There is a little trick: to filter the drink more finely, it is recommended to use additional paper filters. At the exit - pure coffee, with a divine taste!

If you have not yet become a fan of this invigorating drink, then experiment with these gadgets, and you will love it. Do not forget to tell us about your favourite method, enjoy your day with a cup of coffee!

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