• 0.039%

    This figure indicates that the selected coffee beans by Kofe Bird represent only a tiny fraction of the total volume of global coffee production, highlighting our specialization in the rarest and most exclusive varieties.

  • 20%

    The use of 600 farms in the coffee belt represents a significant number, accounting for approximately 20% of the total number of farms in this region, highlighting Kofe Bird's substantial presence in the coffee market.

  • 100%

    Coffee from Kofe Bird, made from 100% Arabica beans of exceptional quality, possesses a unique taste and aroma that captivates the hearts of true coffee connoisseurs.


Experience the premium specialty Kofe Bird coffee taste of Arabica coffee, either Ground or as whole Beans

Premium coffee varieties are waiting for your choice!

Whole Coffee Beans

Each coffee bean is a small world filled with unique flavor nuances and aromas that can transport you to a coffee plantation on a tropical farm.

The choice of coffee beans plays an important role in the final taste of the drink. The quality of the beans determines not only the taste itself but also the richness of the aroma, the creaminess, and the characteristic bitterness. Properly selected beans ensure a rich and deep coffee taste, which can be the perfect start to the day or a source of enjoyment at any time.

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Ground Coffee

Ground coffee allows you to enjoy a variety of preparation options - from classic black coffee to espresso or cappuccino. It is one of the most popular beverages that has become a morning ritual for many people around the world.

Ground coffee is made from fresh beans that are roasted and ground to a fine grain. The intensity of the aroma and flavor nuances of ground coffee depends on the variety of beans, the degree of roasting, and the grinding method. Thanks to its fine texture, ground coffee quickly reveals its taste qualities when brewed.

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About Kofe Bird Coffee

We offer coffee 100% Arabica from the best micro-coffee plantations from all over the world. Various varieties of the most popular specialty coffees are produced by micro-farms located on fertile volcanic soils on the slopes of volcanoes.
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Кофе замечательный


Очень вкусный кофе


I recently had the pleasure of trying Kofebird and I must say, it was an exceptionally delicious experience. The coffee boasted a rich, velvety texture that was both invigorating and comforting. Each sip offered a harmonious blend of nutty and cocoa notes, leaving a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. What truly impressed me was the smooth finish that made each cup a luxurious treat. This coffee definitely stands out as a top choice for anyone looking to savor a truly gourmet experience.
I will buy it again!

Great coffee

Great coffee