What does strong coffee mean?

What does strong coffee mean?

When visiting a coffee shop, you can often hear customers asking the barista to brew strong coffee. Only this drink true connoisseurs understand what lies in these words. Everyone has their understanding of coffee strength. Some think that it should contain a caffeine large amount, but some think it is enough for the drink to have a rich taste and light bitterness. But, in fact, the word "strong" does not define the coffee characteristics. Therefore, it is worth considering what lies behind it and how to get a high-quality drink.


Making coffee is a complex process that consists of several stages. After selecting the beans, they are roasted. It can be light, medium, or dark. The French (dark) roast is considered the strongest. After heat treatment, the grain acquires a characteristic shine and dark shade. The reason for this is chemical reactions that take place under the high temperatures' influence.

A drink with a dense consistency and a bright aroma is obtained from dark grains. The coffee has a rich taste with dark chocolate hints and burnt caramel. Despite the French roast and the bitterness presence, the drink can contain caffeine in different amounts. The strength is determined by the grains used type. The maximum amount is contained in robusta (up to 4%).

Drinks variety

Most coffee shop visitors believe that the richest and strongest coffee is the classic espresso. But, few people know that there are drink several varieties, which differ in the caffeine amount, the consistency density and taste characteristics.

One of the types is ristretto. It has a dense and concentrated structure. But, at the same time, it contains a caffeine small amount. Its opposite is lungo. This bitter and watery drink has significantly more caffeine than ristretto. Also, in coffee shops, customers are provided with an espresso-based coffee large selection with the milk addition.

The drinking strength depends on the base used. Double espresso with added milk will have a more pronounced taste and body. For those who are not ready for the thrill, a large cappuccino cup is the best option. It has a pleasant mild taste and energizes. But, as far as the caffeine concentration is concerned, it still depends on the beans used type.

Extraction duration

Extraction is the process of a beverage releasing the flavour and aroma by combining coffee with water. The speed is influenced by the grains grinding. This means that the finer the particles, the faster the solvent extraction will take place.

Expresso extraction takes about 25 seconds. As for coffee brewed in a Turk, it will take about 6 minutes to release aroma and taste. In this case, the drink will have a lower concentration and density. Despite this, Turkish coffee gives more energy than espresso. This is due to the extraction duration. The longer it is, the greater the caffeine concentration.

When choosing a drink, you should understand that there is no dependence between the consistency and the invigorating component content. Mild, watery coffee may contain more caffeine than concentrate. The concentration can be adjusted using the brewing time and the beans used amount.

What is the stronger drink?

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