Worldwide coffee consumption

Worldwide coffee consumption

Many people cannot imagine life without this aromatic drink. Coffee now seems like a must, but it wasn't always that way. Europe first learned of its existence only in the 17th century. Coffee consumption varies greatly from country to country. This is often determined by existing traditions. Sometimes it is interesting to know how much this aromatic drink is loved by people living on the planet in different parts.

Coffee in Europe

Finland is in the first place here. The average citizen of the country consumes 12 kg during the year. In this country, it is customary to drink it throughout the day. Together with him, they offer pastries. sweets and sandwiches. For cooking, use one of the Turkish recipes.

In second place are Norwegian coffee lovers. Here, the annual consumption is slightly lower - it is 9.9 kg per person. Goods most are purchased from Denmark. They prefer coffee for breakfast or as a dessert after a hearty meal. It is customary to drink an average of two cups a day.

Among the European countries, the next place is small Iceland. Each inhabitant of the island consumes on average 9 kg of the drink per year. Here it is drunk almost constantly throughout the day. The average resident needs at least 5 cups daily.

Next is Denmark. The annual consumption is 8.7 kg annually. This drink is relatively expensive here. This is reflected in the cups' number consumed daily - on average, no more than one and a half a day. Holland is in next place - 8.4 kg per person per year. Interestingly, it was this country that introduced this delicious drink to Europeans. In 1616, coffee trees were brought here from Yemen. The Dutch landed them in their colonies in Suriname and Java.

Worldwide coffee consumption

South America is the planet region where the coffee beans the largest amount is grown. However, in consumption terms, the European Nordic countries are in the lead.

For the first time in mankind history, this drink began to be cultivated in Ethiopia more than a thousand years ago.

Only 70% of the world's harvest is consumed as a drink. The coffee rest is produced for the pharmaceutical and beauty industries needs.

In Europe, they met him in the 17th century, and in Asian countries - in the 17th-19th centuries. In London, the coffee house was first opened in 1652, in France (in Marseille) - in 1671. In Paris (on the Place Saint-Germain), coffee began to be brewed in 1672. It is interesting that in London before 1700 there were more than 2000 places where you could drink coffee.

In Greece

Here people learned about coffee earlier than in Western Europe. This is because many trade routes have passed and are passing through this country. Coffee was first introduced here in 1425. It came here from Turkey.

In the US

Coffee appeared here in 1607, while the British colony was located here. At this time, only wealthy people could afford such a drink.

The rise in the drink popularity was promoted by the Boston Tea Party. The King of Britain has increased taxes on tea. The colonists rebelled and threw all the tea boxes that were there (there were 342 of them) from the British merchant ship. After that, drinking tea was associated with accepting oppression, and coffee with the desire for freedom.

In 1938, instant coffee was invented in this country. This gave impetus to a sharp increase in drink consumption.

Despite its ever-growing popularity, the United States is only in 25th place in the world consumption rating.

In Japan

It was brought to the country by the Dutch in the 18th century. At this time, the imports volume was insignificant. The first coffee shop in the country was opened in 1988. Coffee is well known here, but at the same time, it loses much in popularity to tea. There is a nationwide coffee chain in this country that is actively developing.

In China

This is a country of traditions. Tea has been in the first place for centuries and continues to be on it. At the same time, many Chinese people drink an average of three coffee cups a day during day. In this country, the drink distribution is hampered by its relatively high cost.

In Africa

In Ethiopia, which is this drink birthplace, coffee is still the main drink. It is interesting that here it is brewed not only from grains but also from leaves. This produces a drink that looks like tea.

Coffee traditions in Russia

Famous coffee lovers were Peter I and Anna Ioannovna. The first coffee shop began operating in 1740. The Russian Association of Coffee Producers in 2019 announced that coffee is consumed in the country more than tea.

The drink's import bulk comes from Vietnam. Brazil is in second place on this list.

Interesting facts

Every day, at least 2 billion coffee cups are drunk in the world. This number is constantly growing. Interestingly, the world's first webcam appearance was related to this noble drink. Scientists at Cambridge in 1991 put it in front of a coffee machine in the building so that workers from the building in different parts could know in time if coffee had been made.

The word "coffee" comes from Turkish "kahweh" or Arabic "gahwah". It means "relieving fatigue" or "lifting power".

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